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Marketing & sales - Key to success in any business

Among industrial firms, recent years have brought a significant increase in the importance attached to marketing as a major source of competitive effectiveness. From computers to machine tools, airfreight to telecommunications, the leaders in industry after industry are urging their organizations to adopt a customer focus and become market-driven. This resurgence of interest in the marketing concept, a management philosophy with its roots in the 1950’s, comes at a time when most industrial firms are facing increased foreign competition, slow growth markets, uncertain economic and political trends in an increasingly “global” marketplace, and an ever more-demanding and sophisticated customer. Pressures on both the cost and price sides create maximum incentive to manage the business for profit (not just for sales volume and market share) and place real premiums on management skills in market segmentation and targeting as key elements of business strategy.

Evolution is part and parcel of marketing. Marketing as we know it today involves a number of different media and approaches that did not even exist 20 years ago. The most significant development of the past decade or so has been the embrace of Internet-related media and the development of so-called digital marketing. Its not just about print ads and trade shows any more; marketing today has to incorporate websites, search engines, email, blogs and social networks. That makes a lot more work than existed a decade prior, but also a lot more opportunities – especially for industrial marketers. We can guide you through the process and implement the various components of your marketing strategy.

Video Promotion

Sub-assembly work using robotic and manual spot welding side by side.

Video is just one of the many tools we can use to promote your business. We have experienced camera, sound and editing personnel to give your video the professional look and bring in extra business.

Traditional Marketing

The marketing of goods and services to industrial and institutional customers including manufacturing firms, public utilities, education, hospitals, wholesalers and retailers is a huge market.

It has been estimated that industrial marketing transactions equal in money value at least twice the value of consumer purchases.  This can be understood by considering the long and complex chain of industrial marketing transactions preceding the sale and the manufacture of a consumer product. Industrial Marketing Ltd will assist you in accessing this vast market and we can also help you to find new overseas markets both in Europe and further afield.


Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has caught up with consumer marketing in being the largest and most important factor when customers are seeking products and or/companies. Our focus has become more and more in this area which is the fastest growing area of industrial marketing, overtaking traditional marketing spend in the process. Why should you do it? – Because your competitors are doing it and more importantly because your customers expect it.

In a recent study it was found that 71% of all industrial purchases started with a web search, while 92% of industrial decision makers read industry blogs. The bottom line is that all the business professionals you want to reach in this marketplace can be found online.


Why Choose Us?

Eur.Ing Dr. Peter MasonThe team supervised by Dr. Eur.Ing Peter Mason blends marketing, engineering and industrial activities. We have experience in the full range of engineering and industrial processes.

Our involvement can be as detailed or as brief as you want it to be. We can sit down with you and devise a strategy to realise your marketing objectives or our involvement could be as simple as revamping the website and putting in place an effective search marketing campaign. Either use us as a sounding board or as an extension of your business.